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Pennsylvania Dutch Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.     What are the Black Dutch?

A.      From the German Research Companion by Shirley J. Riemer:

"Black Dutch"

"Although the term 'Black Dutch' has been used to denote a number of different ethnic or cultural groups, there seems to be little agreement as to just what the phrase means.

Several genealogical organizations have made attempts to investigate the origin of the term 'Black Dutch,' yet no specific clarification, no pedigree charts, and no documentation of any kind have been forthcoming.

Numerous accounts have circulated to the effect that the 'Black Dutch' can be identified as groups of Irish, Cherokee, Amish, Swiss, Sephardic Jews, Dutch-Indonesians, and Hollanders--to name just a few.

The conclusion drawn by those who have attempted to define the term is that 'Black Dutch' ancestry seems to be based on folklore and hearsay."

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